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River Avenue Blues, A New York Yankees Blog

December 6, 2012

River Avenue Blues, A New York Yankees Blog
The loss of Alex Rodriguez to a left hip injury has become a necessity offseason straight-forward, even in a chaotic mess that has left the Yankees scrambling for solutions every day in four positions. We knew that we needed a defender right, a receiver and a DH, but the addition of a third base on top of it to try to avoid spending precious $ 2014 may become impossible. In my opinion, the Yankees will eventually plug the hole at third base in one of four ways. That each of them downwards. (Denis Poroy / Getty Images) Trade MarketTrading help on the left of the photo is difficult these days, especially since the Padres have said they will not move Chase Headley years after his monster. Even if it were open to him, I do not think the Yankees have the pieces to get it unless San Diego is open to take a lot of single-A outfielders. . What we do know this: the teams have asked Brian Cashman, in an attempt to take advantage of the situation of the team after the injury to A-Rod “He had some of the names you might not have thought – Names children would not have an interest in – voluntarily their services for that position, “Cashman said Tuesday. “I’ve had some people say, ‘Hey, my uncle who plays second base, able to play the third round. These things though. I have no interest in these things … I had a (commercial offer ridiculous), I think has to do with (A-Rod recovery).’m not talking about that club. “Business objectives could be potentially available guys like Chris Johnson (now Eric Chavez signed with Diamondbacks), Jamey Carroll Chris Nelson with the Rockies , and I think Juan Francisco with the Braves. All the flaws in their own way, but they are guys that could help resist the start next season without costing an arm and a leg to purchase. Not everyone can be Mike Olt.Mark Kevin Reynolds and other options YoukilisOf baseman free agent third, two stand out as the best right-handed hitters. Both have their strengths and weaknesses – I recently wrote a Scouting The labor market for both players (Reynolds, Youkilis), so I will refer to them for details – and reports indicate that both are willing to take the contract of one year. This is very important for the Yankees these days. If you are willing to spend money prize for a solution in a warm corner, one of these two is their hombre.El Scrap HeapThe free-agent third baseman is fun. There was a higher level in the offseason, not Adrian Beltre and Aramis Ramirez types, so as to Reynolds and Youkilis are level one. The guys who normally make up levels three and four are level two this winter by default. It ‘pretty sad. I’m talking about people like Jack Hannahan (defender brilliant, can not hit), Alex Gonzalez (from a knee surgery), Scott Rolen (likely to retire), Placido Polanco (back), Casey McGehee (been there, done ) and Chone Figgins (lolnope). The crop of free agent minor league second basemen third (Josh Bell? Ruben Gotay? Andy LaRoche?) E ‘is so inspiring. (Jordan Megenhardt / Interior OptionsThe Yankees do not have a high-end, or even just a point of view solid third base on the cusp of the big leagues. David Adams longer qualifies as one of them and played a huge 37 games in a warm corner in his career. Corban Joseph has played 43 career games in the third, but it’s just a option position because he has emergency arm. Eduardo Nunez has the tools – arm strength and speed of the first step – to third base, but just can not seem to do anything well defensively. With the Yankees saying they want to keep him at shortstop, it seems as if it is an option of last resort for the tercera.Me wonder if the combination of a continuous break-Rod and the season of Dante Bichette Jr. ‘s miserable Yankees make Austin Tyler consider returning to third base. He was selected as recipient and immediately went to third as a pro, but this season the team went right in part due to the presence of Bichette the same level. Austin has the bat in any position and is able to handle the hot corner defensively, is something that should be seriously considered. At the same time, there is not much to do right by Austin do not want to screw it to change its position once more.If the Yankees were going to go with an internal option, Adams is probably the best hope for an average team championship ( or slightly below) the performances of the season in the program. I’m not sure I could overlook the Triple A and do it, but I think the strangest things have happened. And who knows, maybe surprises Adams and hits very well that he makes the team to think twice before dropping nine figures on Robinson Cano after the season. His natural position is second base, you know. At least, I hope the Yankees to import some veteran competition for children if you can not access or Youkilis and Reynolds can not make a trade. Or at least make Núñez Adams or who wins on the field.

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